Connect & Create Feedback Survey

Feedback Survey - Connect & Create: Ecovillages for a Resilient Future

Welcome to the feedback survey for GEN Europe's first webinar series. It has been an important learning experience for us and we hope that it has been for you as well. Your opinion matters to us which is why we created this short questionnaire. With the help of your answers we will design parts of the Online European Ecovillage Gathering and hope to bring even more value to future participants.

Please fill in the following fields:

Maybe you designed an element of your future community, discovered an idea you know you'll be integrating, reached out to people you discovered on the course or created a group with people you met on the course?

Format & Homegroups

The homegroups were a great challenge for us as it is hard to create meaningful groups that balance all members needs. We would like to hear how the experience was for you so we can learn from this to make future courses better.