GEN Europe’s 2019 Conference Registration

Welcome to the European Ecovillage Conference registration form!

Important note on browsers

This registration form is supported by Firefox and Chrome browsers. Please do not use Internet Explorer. It will not work properly.

General information

Here is some information for you to make your registration easier. Please read the information before you register for the conference.

If you want to register more than one person (for example your child or partner) you will find the option to add up to four additional people at the beginning of the form. Arrival and departure date, as well as accommodation type and number of meals for the additional people will be the same as for the first person.

Conference dates

10 July 2019: Arrival date for General Assembly participants

11-12 July 2019: General Assembly (This meeting is generally for delegates, but we accept a limited number of silent observers, please write to to see if this is possible)

13 July 2019: Arrival date for conference participants

14-17 July 2019: European Ecovillage Conference

18 July 2019: Departure of all conference participants latest after breakfast

18 July 2019: Arrival for RIVE Gathering

19-21 July 2019: RIVE Gathering

22 July 2019: Departure of all RIVE Gathering participants latest after breakfast

Delegates information

Delegates are officially appointed to represent GEN Europe member communities/networks at the General Assembly and conference. If you are at all unsure whether you are a delegate, please contact fanny@gen-europe before registering.

Travel information

We hope to record all CO2 emissions generated from conference travel. Please input your travel mileage to La Comune di Bagnaia into our Carbon Calculator. You can use this Google Maps link to calculate your approximate mileage.

Your ticket price will not be affected by your travel miles.

Accommodation information

Own tent/caravan (0€): Unlimited capacity for your own tent or sleeper (no electricity for caravans and campers)

Shared dormitory tent (Not available anymore) (10€ per person per night): Located on Bagnaia site.

Indoor beds (Not available anymore) (25€ per person per night): Limited capacity. Comfortable indoor accommodation within 2km of Bagnaia. Provided either in shared housing with friends and neighbours of Bagnaia or in bungalows in local campground. One shuttle per day included.

Apartments (Not available anymore) (Double and single bed apartments for groups ranging from 4-7 beds, 35€ per person per night): Limited capacity in Casa Gianni or Agriturismo La Villa - 5km shuttle ride to/from accommodation - one shuttle per day included. The Appartment option has been removed from the selection. Some tween beds may still be available. If you would like to book them please contact us directly on

Please be aware, if booking Indoor Beds or Apartment accommodation, on arrival you will be asked for ID and a Tourist Tax of approx. 2€ per day. This is not included in the registration form accommodation options.

Food information

Please note that this registration form will automatically calculate your food donation in relation to the number of days you attend the GA + conference. This will be calculated at 30€ per day. At the end of the form you will be presented with the total for your ticket + food donation

Information on dogs

Please note that Bagnaia will not allow dogs on-site or anywhere on the conference location. If you are thinking about bringing your four-legged friend, please reconsider how you can ensure their care whilst you are in the conference.

Cancellations and Refund policy

Cancellations made 28 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund, minus any transaction fees applied by our bank or payment services. Cancellations made within 14 - 27 days will incur a 30% fee + transaction fees. Cancellations made within 13 days of the event will incur a 50% fee + transaction fees.


Please be aware that under Italian law, your payment to attend the Bagnaia European Ecovillage Conference will be considered as donation to the coordinating partnership association of GEN Europe, RIVE, and La Comune di Bagnaia Onlus. This donation will enable your registration and participation in the GEN Europe Conference 2019.