Green Phoenix 2022

Invitation from the organizer

We are thrilled to share our 2022 plans with you and warmly invite you to register or apply to this year’s Green Phoenix! This fall, the community of communities and our “think-and-feel” tank will convene from Wednesday, 5th at 6 pm (CEST), to Sunday after lunch, 9th October at Schweibenalp. We will be at most 45 representatives from established communities mostly in Europe, displaying GEN-like complexity, and will invite also inter-continental ecovillage representatives to have the big picture and energy in this time of massive global changes. We are happy to welcome all previous representatives and communities who attended earlier, new communities are very welcome to apply. We aim this year again to provide childminding, so families can attend together if they wish and children stay close to our process. Please inform us if you bring your children. We are happy that Corona measures have subsided at least for the moment, so that meeting internationally will be easier this year again. Sundar’s words from the beginning of “The Coronation” in 2020 apply again: “We feel this year’s meeting will be special and deep, intimately touching, healing and maturing our hearts. If the world is collapsing, at a certain point we finally turn to ourselves. We created all this together. Let’s harvest in love and dignity, and start shining like stars, each and every one of us. What a blessing and grace to live in this time of recollection, purification, and atonement!” You can find full details on the website, including Current themes for Green Phoenix Feasibility, structure, and participation How to register or apply for Financial support, and contacts We look forward to meeting many of you again and welcome some of you for the first time.