Living Library Launch on the 21st November 2022

Every person has a story to tell

There is immense knowledge and experience from the individuals within our network, that we wish to make visible and accessible with the Living Library concept. The idea is to link people who seek advice or inspiration about any topic connected to ecovillage culture with real ecovillagers to hear their stories, ask them questions and learn from them.  

We invited 6 inspiring individuals from the ecovillage movement to help us kick-start this idea. Starting on the 21st of November you will be able to access the first six interviews with ‘living books’ on our gen-europe forum. It will be possible to contact some of them directly and book an one-hour long conversation with the ‘living book’.  Sprout and Blossom tier of individual membership  will receive a voucher which you can exchange for a consultation as one of your membership benefits! 

The six first launching books are: 

Robert Hall: Collapse and Self-Empowerment. 

Achim Ecker: Founding GEN Europe and Terra Preta/Biochar

Charlie Lenglez: Deep Sociocracy and Dream Work

A’ida Shibli: Identity, Community and Activism

Ina Meyer Stoll: Inner Work and Community Building

Riccardo de Amici: Young man who grew up in an Ecovillage