Reimagine the Gathering with us!

GEN Europe is currently opening a process of rethinking the model and structure of the European Ecovillage Gathering, especially the current economic and logistics/host/partnership structure.

To kick-start the process we would like to invite you, as members and previous participants of the Gathering, to participate in two Brainstorm and Harvest sessions. We would be delighted to see ecovillage friends who are experienced within events, as well as friends who are newly interested in this field.

Dates of Gathering Brainstorm and harvest sessions:

  • November 29th, 19.30 – 21.00 CET
  • January 11th, 16.00 – 18.00 CET

What will we do in this meeting?

  • Introduction to the structure and current model of the Gathering
  • Brainstorming and harvest of initial future model ideas (divided by area)
  • Facilitated Miro-experience

What will we not do in this meeting?

  • Cover content for the Gathering(s) (including programme, graphics, theme etc.)

Background: Our beloved Gathering has a special character: it is a once-a-year event that moves to a new ecovillage each year. This structure creates the unique setting and experience of the Gathering, as well as providing some challenges. Key challenges include: ensuring a sustainable income for both the host community and GEN Europe, accessible ticket prices and navigating different national and ecovillage contexts affecting prices, legal setting and accommodation options. We are exploring these changes with you with a view to implementing a new model in 2025 and beyond.

How to join

Please register to attend here.