Ecovillage Gathering Tickets

This year we are asking you to use this separate form which will be provided exclusively for the registration of your delegates.
Please do not register on the Gathering website.

To register, please follow these steps:

1) Check how many delegate tickets are allocated for your membership type and distribute them in your community/network.
2) Make sure at least one of your delegates is attending the General Assembly in person or online *only required for full and aspiring members*
3) Make sure you have paid your membership fee for 2024.
4) Invite your community/network members to register using this form to secure their ticket for the General Assembly/Gathering and to book the accommodation and food on the Ängsbacka website.

If you have more community/network members wanting to join than delegate tickets available, please direct them to the Gathering website to book their ticket. And note that the tickets available there are now combined with a year-long GEN Europe membership.

Monthly Moon Cycle News

You will receive our monthly Moon Cycle Newsletter. This newsletter is an overview of activities in the Network and the GEN Europe office, often containing invitations to join projects or participate in events for members, organized by GEN Europe or other networks in Europe. You are invited to share with us any information that you consider particularly relevant for other members and send them to to be included in the upcoming Moon Cycle News!

Promotion of your articles, courses and events via our Newsletter & Social Media Channels

We always welcome your contributions and to share them with us, please share them with us via our submission form 🙂

Use of GEN Europe Logo

GEN Europe

As a GEN Europe member you are invited to use the GEN Europe logo for representative purposes.
Please feel free to click here to download it and use it for your promotional materials.

Events Calendar

Coming soon 🙂

IT Toolbox

Wondering how ecovillages can stay connected without supporting big tech companies with unethical practices?
We strongly believe that self-hosted, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is the most ethical and regenerative way to cover our need for digital connection and build community across distance – so we’ve created an IT toolbox to help our network reduce its reliance on the major technology monopolies. (Want to learn more? We’ve written about it!)

Support and connection through Buddy Communities/Networks

Every full ecovillage & network member is Buddy Networks/Communities and work closely together with the Membership Manager to provide a facilitated access for new members to initially become an aspiring and eventually full member.
Please find here the complete infosheet detailing your task and responsibilities.

Aspiring members are at this point already connected with their buddies and will after a site visit receive their renewed written endorsement from their buddy in order to apply for the full membership.

Membership Certificate

All ecoprojects and full network and ecovillage projects receive a membership certificate upon successful approval of the membership application.
In case you haven’t received one yet, please do reach out to us at and we will get it to you as soon as possible!

Funding Guide & Capacity Building Programme

There is an expressed need to build the capacity of our ecovillage members and national networks within relevant areas, gathering and utilising the experience and competences in our
network. The GEN Europe Projects Working Group has taken the task to strategize and coordinate this, thereby building the capacity of the members.
Click here to read more about the Capacity Building Programme.