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Welcome to the registration form for the GEN Europe Individual Membership!

Welcome to the GEN EU membership form!

This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a part of the European ecovillage family, a growing network living and exploring the ecovillage lifestyle!

Do you want to join the Ecovillage Gathering? Here's how to use this form to secure your place:

1. Join our community and unlock member benefits by filling out your details and paying an annual membership fee. There are discounts for youth and Eastern European members!

2. Upon completing your membership registration and payment, seamlessly transition to booking your Gathering ticket. Provide us with your arrival dates and other essential details right away.

3. After securing your ticket, you'll receive information about how to book your food and accommodation directly with Angsbacka. Make sure to book early to secure your choice of accommodation!

The individual membership will be auto-renewed annually, but can be cancelled at any time!


We invite everyone under 30 years old to automatically become part of NextGEN when they sign up for the GEN Europe membership to receive their latest invitations and updates. NextGEN is the youth branch of the European Ecovillage Network that connects young people with ecovillage solutions, education, projects, and regenerative living practices.

Eastern European Discounts

We offer a discount to all of our Eastern European friends and community-enthusiasts. The discount will be applied automatically when you sign up for the GEN Europe membership and Gathering Ticket.

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Individual Membership application form
Please be aware we're not offering any membership directly to people under 18, but through their parent / legal guardian
Please add your country code as well
Yes to Sustainability YTS) is a network of young people and youth workers whose aim is to bring together young people in ecovillages and sustainable projects in Europe. Their vision is of a world in which young people are empowered to create resilient communities, contribute to regenerative cultures, and take care of the planet.
YTS works towards this by organizing Youth Exchanges and Mobility for Youth Workers such as training courses and seminars. These activities are fully funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ scheme, which means that young people can get closer to sustainability completely cost-free. They also offer support and mentoring to ecovillages, networks, sustainable projects and young people wanting to organize a Youth Exchange. Learn more about Yes to Sustainability here.
Via becoming part of YTS, you will be informed about future opportunities and collaborations within Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects.
Please note that if you would like to be part of YTS by clicking yes we will share the data in this form with the YTS partners.
Payment section

The individual membership will be auto-renewed annually, but can be cancelled at any time!

Our decision to set up automatic renewal is based on the observation that many of our members would like to stay involved but drop out because they forget to renew their membership.
As we want to increase and expand our impact, we want to keep our members engaged and have introduced automatic renewal.

This also makes it easier for those who feel a certain loyalty and want to support GEN Europe financially.

At the same time, we allow those who wish to opt out of automatic renewal to cancel their membership via an email with full instructions that they will receive upon enrolment.

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