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This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a part of the European ecovillage family, a growing network living and exploring the ecovillage lifestyle!

Do you want to join the Ecovillage Gathering?

Follow these steps to secure your spot:

1. Join our community and unlock member benefits by completing the form and paying the annual membership fee (discounts available).

2. Once completed, you’ll be taken straight to the Gathering ticket booking page for that part of the process.

3. Lastly, you'll receive information on booking your food and accommodation directly with Angsbacka. Book early to secure your choice of accommodation!

Individual memberships auto-renew annually, but can be cancelled at any time!


Everyone between 18 -  30 years old can automatically become part of NextGEN and have a discount applied when they sign up for the GEN Europe membership to receive their latest invitations and updates. NextGEN is the youth branch of the European Ecovillage Network that connects young people with ecovillage solutions, education, projects, and regenerative living practices.

For Children and youth under 18 we do not offer a GEN Europe membership and Gathering Ticket, but they shall be registered for food and accommodation with Ängsbacka through their legal guardian in case they are attending the Gathering.

Eastern European Discounts

Our Eastern European friends and community enthusiasts automatically have a discount applied when signing up for a GEN Europe membership and a Gathering Ticket.

Registering several people using the same device

Before registering another person, if using the same device, please make sure you are not logged-in to the members area (completing this registration form logs you in automatically).

Also please make sure to use a different email address and name for each person being registered.

Important note on browsers

This registration form supports Chromium based browsers (e.g. Brave and Chrome) and Firefox.  It has not been tested with other browsers and thus, the registration flow might not work properly if you use them.


Individual Membership application form
Please be aware those under 18 shall register for food and accommodation (directly with Ängsbacka) through their parent or legal guardian
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Yes to Sustainability (YTS) is a network of young people and youth workers who bring together young people in ecovillages and sustainable projects throughout Europe. For updates on their future Erasmus+ & ESC opportunities tick below and we’ll share your details with them.
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The individual membership will be auto-renewed annually, but can be cancelled at any time!

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