Webinar Registration Form

Connect & Create: Ecovillages for a Resilient Future

Welcome to the registration form for GEN Europe's first webinar series.

Please fill in the following fields:

For this webinar series we will be using Zoom, a simple video conference platform. All levels of experience are welcome, we just want to know how big our technical support team needs to be.
All presentations and material will be in English which is why we recommend to have at least an intermediate level.

Finding your Tribe

On our mission to create a deeply interactive webinar series we have found that a combination of two different formats will bring the highest value:

  • Presentations held by our wise elders, experienced ecovillagers and other bright minds
  • Homegroups in which you will be able to share, discuss and develop ideas

The following questionnaire will help us provide you with a better experience during this series of webinars. Your answers will determine the homegroup you will be connecting with during parts of the sessions and, if you choose so, even beyond. We might not be able to accommodate all preferences but will do our best to set you up with an inspiring group of people.

We will do our best to group people according to their language preferences in order to facilitate a deep exchange of ideas in the home groups.